29 October 2014


It's the end of October and usually around this time is when there's a calmness to the air, sort of like a giant sigh as the year ends.

That giant sigh starts now and ends sometime around mid-december (when I start getting nostalgic for all the memories from the year). Anyways, alongside this giant breath, I slow down as settle into some sort of fall vibes (as fall as Miami can get).

I've moved on from dancing 24/7 to Cut Copy, New Order, Duke Dumont... to just swaying to slower tunes.

Foxygen's newest (double) LP release is my main source of inspiration. It goes from good, to weird, to amazing. Sharing one of my favorite tracks so far. I hope you enjoy.


Juan Satizabal

23 September 2014


These are some pics I took for Gauche LA.

I invite you to like their Facebook page.

Also, you can see more pics on my website (which I recently re-designed for simplicity).

Until later,


26 August 2014

Hi all,

In the past few months I've been running around crazy from job to job, place to place, class to class.

I just graduated, I'm in LA, and trying to find my place in the world.

Anyways, I'm sharing two pics that I've taken which I'm semi obsessed with.

The first, a still from a GIF set I'm working on.
The second, a fun shoot with Sam (who has become my muse).